Other Things I Write

I spent one month as the new client of infamous 
celebrity publicist Lizzy Grubman, and lived to tell.  

Four girls who turned their backs on the sexual ways of the time. 

 What It's Really Like To Be a 20-Something Today

A look at what co-habitation did to my wallet/life. 

Why I Moved From New York to L.A.

I Skype-Met the Parents

Is 30 the New Deadline for Marriage?

The 10 Friends Every Girl Needs

Karen Owen's Duke University PowerPoint 'Sex List' Makes Us Sad

Dear NY Times, Here's Why I Haven't 'Grown Up.' Love, a 20-Something

'I Went on a Cash-Only Diet' -- My Life on the Suze Orman Plan

I Was a Guest On the Suze Orman Show

Does a 'Doctor-Approved' Hangover Cure Work? I Manned Up & Tried It

Why I Fall for Gay Guys -- And Am Not Ashamed

I Survived a Live Dating Auction -- Guess How Much I Sold For!











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  1. I like the modern edge to your writing, keep up the good work, especially as it challenges the old behaviours of women!