Monday, August 5, 2013

TIME's Top 25 Blogger + 20-Nothings The Book!

I woke up to two incredibly exciting e-mails - one from TIME and another from

The awesome team over at TIME named me one of the Top 25 Bloggers of 2013 literally three days before I'm not a 20-Nothing anymore. Talk about the world's greatest birthday gift!

And if that wasn't enough, sent the link to my author page - 20-Nothings is officially a book! All my favorite posts throughout the past six years are now off-line and on page (and Kindle too), and I've added ed notes to each reflecting back or looking forward for a little extra insight.  Grab a copy today so you'll have it when the Internet eventually explodes!

Now please excuse me while I go jump up and down just a little bit more. !!!!!!

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  1. Hey Jessie,

    Just discovered your blog from TIME. Read a couple of your posts and enjoyed it so far. Could you set up email subscription so I can receive your new posts in the future? Thank you s much!