Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bonus Post: Current Progress On The 30 Days 'Til 30 Challenge

It's been approximately one week since my (self-imposed and totally ridiculous) challenge was set (by myself). Here's where I'm at, because I know you've been staying up all night wondering.
Stay up all night partying

On Sunday night/Monday morning I went to sleep at 1AM. It was really, really rough and I felt miserable the next day even though I was completely sober. Awesome. 

Go out to dinner wearing a midriff top

I almost packed the midriff top I bought for this very purpose on a recent mini trip to San Diego, but then I chickened out because I knew we'd be going to a gastro pub, and midriff tops do not bode well in an environment where bacon is included on every food item. 

Make sushi

No dice, but I have determined the day that I will attempt to make sushi, and I made myself an iCal reminder, so there's a 50% chance it will actually happen. 

Go blonder on the bottom of my hair

"Two years ago I jumped on the ombra hair highlights trend (which was at that point, four years old). On August 2nd I have an appointment to re-do my dye, and I'm going to go a little lighter for fun! That's all."

Same status applies. 

Send a letter to Mrs. Lokitz, the teacher who made me a writer

Today I will call the Freehold Intermediate School and request Mrs. Lokitz' home address. I just need to make an iCal reminder for that...

Play tennis 

Ugh...this update is getting depressing...

Open a Roth IRA

See above. Add "really" before "depressing."

Read one of the 30 books everyone should read before turning 30 that I haven't already read.

Yes! I am 50 pages into Beloved by Toni Morrison. I'm enjoying it very much. Yeah!

Watch Steel Magnolias

I have determined that Steel Magnolias is on Netflix instant, so my chances of watching it are now greater than 50%.

Get rid of everything in my closet that I never wear

I have made a small, mental pile of the clothing I will donate to charity slash my good friend Lindsey. Get ready Linds! There's a super cute red jumper on that mental list. 

Print out all the important pictures from my Facebook

I bought a jump drive to start this process. That's something, right?

Outline that feature film I've been mulling over for at least three years

No comment...
Ride on a Vespa

I don't even know how to go about pretending to do this one...

Hike to the Hollywood sign

See the sushi plan, add this to that same day.

Eat an entire banana

Develop some semblance of levelheadedness around turning 30

I feel like I should give up the rest of the list and just focus on this, though I probably stand a greater chance of winning my own Vespa than checking this item off...



  1. Writing a letter to your former teacher is such a wonderful idea. I can only imagine how worthwhile you'd make her feel, so if you accomplish anything on this list, I'm really rooting for that item.

  2. True story: I won a Vespa at my company's Christmas party two years ago (don't ask), but I sold it since I live in an area that's decidedly un-Vespa-friendly. Had I known about your desire to ride one, I would have let you take it for a spin before the sale.

    Good luck with your list!