Monday, July 29, 2013

Bonus Post: Actual Progress On The Countdown to 30 Bucket List!

Guys - I've been powering through the list over the past few weeks, and I'm proud to say that progress has been made! Here's the latest.

Stay up all night partying

This has yet to happen and probably will not, BUT Saturday is literally my last chance, so I'm going to give it everything I've got. I technically have nine nights remaining, but I can't possibly stay up all night during the work week, and I have Saturday night plans meaning Friday is completely out. So between now and Saturday I will determine which LA bars are open all night and decide whether or not it counts if I take a four hour nap from 6-10PM. So far I'm leaning toward, it doesn't?

Go out to dinner wearing a midriff top

Not only am I going to eat a meal in public while showcasing a sliver of stomach skin, but I'm probably going to do it on the same night that I attempt to stay up all night. Can the universe handle this? Probably. Can I? Probably no.  

Make sushi

R surprised me with an AWESOME sushi making class at the awesome Hip Cooks West location here in Culver City. It was easy, fun and delicious plus I made what I think the entire class would agree was the nicest roll out of all the rolls. I will now likely not make sushi for several months if not years but at least I know it can be done. 

Go blonder on the bottom of my hair

This Thursday 1:30pm. Heretic Salon.

Send a letter to Mrs. Lokitz, the teacher who made me a writer

I want to cross this off because I technically reached out to Mrs. Lokitz, but I didn't hear back so I don't think it can be counted. I sent a Facebook message, but I'm guessing Mrs. Lokitz doesn't check her Facebook messages every hour like the rest of the world as she is a happily retired teacher. Stay-tuned.

Play tennis 

R has some surprise for me tomorrow afternoon. If it is a tennis lesson then this will be crossed off without my having to organize anything! If it isn't, I will try to play tennis on either Thursday or Friday night of this week. I now question why in the world "play tennis" is on this list, but alas...

Open a Roth IRA

I made an appointment to open a Roth IRA this past Saturday, but then I got caught up returning my car lease, so I didn't make it to the bank.

Read one of the 30 books everyone should read before turning 30 that I haven't already read.

Yes! I am still 50 pages into Beloved by Toni Morrison. I guess I wasn't enjoying it that much... Still, I will power through.

Watch Steel Magnolias

Scheduled watching of Steel Magnolias depends on this whole maybe tennis surprise. Unless the surprise is actually a screening of Steel a private theater...with Olympia Dukakis present. If so screw the entire rest of the list because I will turn 30 the happiest woman on earth. 

Get rid of everything in my closet that I never wear
Done. You're welcome Linds.

Print out all the important pictures from my Facebook

I bought a jump drive to start this process. That's something, right?

I returned the jump drive because it's way easier to do this on Shutterfly. I have yet to do it, but I now know just how easy it is to do meaning I have plenty of time to continue procrastinating. 

Outline that feature film I've been mulling over for at least three years

I had a total break through on this feature while attending the JT/Jay-Z Legends of Summer Tour concert last night, so now I can FINALLY get it done, maybe. Some people think best in the shower. Apparently I think best among 75K screaming fans as Jay-Z raps to "Tom Ford."

Ride on a Vespa
I have crossed out the "a Vespa" portion of this task because I have successfully secured the Vespa upon which I will ride. Unfortunately it currently needs works on the front breaks, which feels like a necessary element of my first Vespa ride.

Hike to the Hollywood sign

Did it. Loved it.

Eat an entire banana

Develop some semblance of levelheadedness around turning 30 

I'm getting there, but mostly just because I'm exhausted by all the over-thinking I've been doing. That's progress, right?

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  1. Well done! You will get there!

    I can't believe you have never seen Steel Magnolias?!

    And may I ask why 'eat an entire banana'?

    Dee x