Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Learned How to Play the Guitar, and So Can You

75% of that title is 100% true. I learned how to play several notes on the guitar, and you can absolutely learn those same notes too. But this isn't a post about how my ring finger is way too small to master a G chord or how I now hate John Mayer slightly less because playing the guitar is way harder than I thought.

This is a post about how I came upon a $40 guitar lesson, 10 blocks from my office after 60 seconds of online searching. It's all thanks to a new website called

How it Work: (their words, but I concur)

"Skilloop makes it simple and safe to connect with real people in your community who can teach you just about anything you want to learn.

We call them “experts” whether it's an independent professional, an avid enthusiast, or just somebody with lots of knowledge and talents on any conceivable subject. On Skilloop, you’re bound to find somebody nearby who’s able and willing to show you how they do what they do."

My expert - Derek (book him!!) - was incredibly skilled, incredibly patient, and laughed at almost all my jokes. I picked the song Blackbird by The Beatles, and we made it through every key chord in the song before my lesson was up.  Can I play those chords quickly in succession to create what sounds like a song, no, but it's way more progress than I thought I'd make on the first day of holding a guitar.

Once the tips of my fingers heal, I fully intend to ask my parents for a guitar for my birthday and start up regular lessons. R & I have a fire pit in the back yard now, so I feel obligated to learn how to play full songs so we can create a proper ambiance for our dinner guests.

Below - if you're not totally convinced already - is a video of yours truly on my very first guitar lesson. Full disclosure, this video happened because I know some of the fine people involved in this very fine start-up, but please know that they did not pay me to write this post.

After you watch, find out how YOU can WIN a free lesson or experience of your choosing, with one of the incredible experts on Skilloop!

Comment below about something YOU'VE always wanted to learn, and we'll choose a lucky Los Angeles winner to receive a FREE lesson, up to $50, on! And don't forget to like Skilloop on Facebook here or follow them on Twitter here!


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