Monday, April 9, 2012

Results Episode: Things I want to do/see/have during my quick trip to New York City.

I'm three days late and so many dollars short, but below are the results from my New York trip bucket list. Enjoy!

I'm back in New York for a hot minute right now for a combo business/family holiday trip.

As those of you who have been reading this blog since its B.C. (before California) era know, I have an unreasonable love-affair with Manhattan. I believe it is the greatest city in the world. I believe it was wildly defining to my life. Here, by way of one example, is the post I wrote about leaving it behind for Los Angeles. It's literally a letter to the city, that's how bizarre I am about our "relationship."

Therefore it's only natural that I have an unreasonable and ridiculous list of to-do's during my brief stay back on the island. Here they are, in no particular order. On Friday I will re-post this with details about the success/failure of each!

  • I want to run across the street after the DON'T WALK man stops flashing and just goes solid. - Did it, several times. It was equal parts thrilling and time-saving, my two favorite elements.
  • I want some sleazy guy working construction to yell "smile baby" as I stomp down the street. THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED! Construction site on 26th just West of 7th Avenue. I fell for it.
  • I want to see a New York celebrity. Not a Kardashian. Not Cat Deeley. Not some guy who's on CSI. I want someone currently on Broadway, an SVU regular, or, best yet, a member of the SJP clan. Ed Koch: Breakfast at The Gramercy Park Hotel. Seth Meyers!!!: F Train uptown from West 4th Street. And, fulfilling my SJP dream/wish: Willie Garson aka STANFORD BLATCH: Bryant Park. CLEANED UP.
  • I want to eat a sesame bagel with veggie cream cheese from Murray's Bagels on 6th Avenue. I failed on this one, big time. I just couldn't get myself to Murray's in time on Friday AM before my train to see R's family. I blame my slower L.A. pace.
  • I want some guy on the subway to try and sell me batteries. Nice dice on this, but a guy did offer to sell me a DVD of 21 JUMP STREET.
  • I want some guy on the street to try to get me to support Children's International. Check. I was also asked to support The Human Rights Campaign and something having to do with puppies.
  • I want to have zero trouble hailing a cab during a crazy-busy time of day. Done.
  • I want to have lots of trouble hailing a cab during a crazy-busy time of day and then say, "screw it, I can walk there faster."This happened too, except instead of saying, "screw it," I said, "ohmygod why can't I get a cab?! What is this?? L.A.?! Now I'm going to have to walk 25 blocks!!" Yes, I am very ashamed of myself.
  • I want to have one more drink than I probably should. (preferably at The Dove with Dani and Geanna). I was sensible at The Dove. I was not the night before at The House of Brews...
  • I want to grab one of those deep, round plastic containers full of lettuce, hand it to a man behind a glass partition, bark seven ingredients at him in rapid succession, say "balsamic vinegarette please," and have him hand me a salad, and I want all of that to happen in under 30 seconds. Check, and oh man did it feel good.
  • I want to be overdressed on purpose, just like everyone else. Duh.
  • I want to smell the sweet smell of street meat, a street pretzel, a street hot dog, and street bacon out of a coffee cart. Got all but the pretzel. I don't think they're as easy to find outside of Midtown, and I wasn't willing to go there just to smell a pretzel.
  • I want to get a little sweaty from walking too fast.Did it, thanks to the gorgeous 65 degree weather.
  • I want a large coffee with cream and sugar from Bonsignour on 8th Avenue and Jane Street. Devastated to say that this too was skipped due to lack of time.
  • And, most importantly of all, I want to hear 17+ ads for Empire Carpets while I'm watching The Today Show in the morning so I can sing along (800-588-2300 EMPIIIIIIRE, today!). I counted, for sake of this post slash my OCD, 12 times in two days watching The Today Show. That's practically 17+, and totally unbelievable. That said, it would be nice to get a whole second room carpeted for the price of one.

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