Thursday, April 5, 2012

My list of "must do/see/have" over my brief trip to New York

I'm back in New York for a hot minute right now for a combo business/family holiday trip.

As those of you who have been reading this blog since its B.C. (before California) era know, I have an unreasonable love-affair with Manhattan. I believe it is the greatest city in the world. I believe it was wildly defining to my life. Here, by way of one example, is the post I wrote about leaving it behind for Los Angeles. It's literally a letter to the city, that's how bizarre I am about our "relationship."

Therefore it's only natural that I have an unreasonable and ridiculous list of to-do's during my brief stay back on the island. Here they are, in no particular order. On Friday I will re-post this with details about the success/failure of each!

  • I want to run across the street after the DON'T WALK man stops flashing and just goes solid.
  • I want some sleazy guy working construction to yell "smile baby" as I stomp down the street.
  • I want to see a New York celebrity. Not a Kardashian. Not Cat Deeley. Not some guy who's on CSI. I want someone currently on Broadway, an SVU regular, or, best yet, a member of the SJP clan.
  • I want to eat a sesame bagel with veggie cream cheese from Murray's Bagels on 6th Avenue.
  • I want some guy on the subway to try and sell me batteries.
  • I want some guy on the street to try to get me to support Children's International.
  • I want to have zero trouble hailing a cab during a crazy-busy time of day.
  • I want to have lots of trouble hailing a cab during a crazy-busy time of day and then say, "screw it, I can walk there faster."
  • I want to have one more drink than I probably should. (preferably at The Dove with Dani and Geanna).
  • I want to grab one of those deep, round plastic containers full of lettuce, hand it to a man behind a glass partition, bark seven ingredients at him in rapid succession, say "balsamic vinegarette please," and have him hand me a salad, and I want all of that to happen in under 30 seconds.
  • I want to be overdressed on purpose, just like everyone else.
  • I want to smell the sweet smell of street meat, a street pretzel, a street hot dog, and street bacon out of a coffee cart.
  • I want to get a little sweaty from walking too fast.
  • I want a large coffee with cream and sugar from Bonsignour on 8th Avenue and Jane Street.
  • And, most importantly of all, I want to hear 17+ ads for Empire Carpets while I'm watching The Today Show in the morning so I can sing along (800-588-2300 EMPIIIIIIRE, today!).


  1. Oh, your list has brought back quite some NY memories! I lived in NY for 4 years, I was born there and was raised in France. And now I live close to Paris.

    As I left, I remember myself thinking that NYC is like an old boyfriend. The break up hurt. But I still love him. And I might even go back to his place once in a while but he's just not the man of my life!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  2. Aw man, now I'm homesick. Trying to get any food quickly in LA is a nightmare, why I especially loved the salad goal! I got 2 bagel egg and cheeses the other day in a record 21 minutes. If this was New York I could've gotten 3 from 3 different deli's in that time. Sigh, LA.

  3. murrays on 8th was on my corner and i always walked up to brooklyn bagel because i just dont believe in a place that refuses to toast.

  4. Love this list! I've been a reader (and fan) since your NYC days (was sad when you left), though I rarely comment (for shame). I can't wait to read about your visit!