Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolving, 2012 edition

Hello and Happy New Year after the longest blogging break I've taken to date. It felt good to take a breather from the regular writing, but it always feels better to come back.

Naturally the first post of 2012 shall be resolution-themed. Luckily this one is a two-fer.

1. Here is a link to the article I wrote for Thought Catalog - 20 Resolutions for 20-Somethings. It contains lots of advice I am giving and some advice I am taking.

2. But because this is a smaller and far more personal corner of the world wide web, below are my actual New Year's resolutions for 2012. I would like to also mention whether or not I accomplished my resolutions for 2011, but I can't remember any of them. Luckily I won't have that same problem in 2013 because they'll be right here...one more reason you should probably start your own blog in 2012.

2012 New Year's Resolutions

1. Read the newspaper more regularly - and not just the arts, travel, and dining sections.

2. Get those Dr. Scholls inserts for all my high heels -
my dogs have been barking a lot more lately, and from what I can tell they're saying things like, you've got five more years before mandatory heel surgery...

3. Place more phone calls to friends - I'm in touch over e-mail, text, gchat, Facebook, and Twitter, but it's not the same.

4. Podcast - I have a feeling this was one of my resolutions from 2011...

5. Print out pictures and put them in albums - because someday I'm going to be too old to know how to use a computer, and then how will I look at all my Instagramed photos of the food I've ordered at restaurants?!

6. Be more in touch with my Meme in Minnesota and my Poppop in New Jersey - they both love to read, so I think I'll also send them books.

7. Develop more of/any form of poker face - not for the purpose of playing poker but for the purpose of conversing with crazy people, sitting in on miserable meetings, and/or convincing my boyfriend that I won't fall asleep during the movie.

8. Pack more lunches for work - the money and calorie savings make this a no-brainer.

9. Continue to address crippling road rage - and/or continue to find better short cuts during rush/all hours.

10. Go "Hm" less - So apparently I go "hm" a lot. Like, I ask you a question, you give me an answer, and I respond with "hm." My "hm" means many things. 1. I find that interesting. 2. I find that strange. 3. I find that unlikely/wrong/bad/displeasing. 4. I am now thinking more about whatever it is you said. I have been known to "hm" things like that lady inside my GPS (Her: "Turn left on Highway 405" Me: "Hm") and Siri (Her: "There is no rain in tomorrow's forecast" Me: "Hm"). Regardless of how valid the "hm" may be, I think it annoys some/all people, and I think it would be best to say either what I'm actually thinking or nothing at all.

Kindly share your hopefully equally bizarre resolutions in comments below.

And, as always, wish me luck!


  1. You don’t really ever get too old to use a computer (while remaining young enough to use a photo album, at least); you just start out too old to learn how to use it (maybe). If you have other reasons (you never actually look at them on your computer now but think you would if you had physical copies; you have approximately 200 photos per event on your computer and really only ever want to look at the highlights; you don’t have appropriate local and remote backups and are afraid of losing your entire life), then by all means print copies, but the age thing doesn’t sound like a good reason. (Personally I’ve gone the other way, having all the photos I care about scanned, backing them up in multiple places, and then freeing myself of the forty-pound copy-paper box full.)

  2. Laughed aloud at the "Hmm" resolution. Apparently I say "IIIINTERESTING" in response to people far too much, and it has oh so many different meanings, all of which at some point boil down to "I'm not entirely sure I believe you"

    Good Luck with 2012!

  3. Ha! Oh man I've recently been informed I do a variation of "Hmm", the "Mmhmm" a lot. Or the "uh huh". I don't mean to! It's a habit I realize I picked up when talking to my sister. It's a way to show I'm listening to her babble on but I don't really have anything to add. I've now apparently started doing it to people at work. They'll say something and I'll go "mmhmm" to show that I'm paying attention (although sometimes it's the opposite and means you're boring me. Unfortunately some people at work have figured this out as well). I try not to now that it's been pointed out and I catch myself doing it but it's such a habit now.