Monday, October 31, 2011

The 10 Ten Things I Fear Most About My 10 Year High School Reunion

I wonder if there are people out there who receive their 10-year HS reunion invite and go, "YES! The night I've been waiting for! I am filled with joy and healthy anticipation. I have no fears or anxieties. I am fully confident in all I've done in the past 10 years and can't wait to share it with my nearest and dearest former friends."

I think there's a chance I'm dating a person who falls into that group.

I am, not surprisingly, not among that easy, breezy set. I have fears. I have insecurities. And I have a exactly 25 days to get over it.

Perhaps publishing them on the Internet will help?

10. That I will have forgotten the names of people whose names I should not have forgotten.

9. That people will have forgotten my name because, apparently, it was forgettable.

8. That more than 75% of the people in attendance will be in considerably better shape than I am.

7. That, either, no one will read this blog or know that it exists or that many people will read this blog and hate that it exists.

6. That the passage of time will render people far too comfortable with informing me that I was a an uptight, goody two-shoes.

5. That my New Jersey accent will re-render its unfortunate head...and stick for any amount of time.

4. That someone will bring up the whole "Most Likely To Succeed" thing in the context of, "guess that prediction was a little off."

3. That people will respond to my saying, "I am a writer," with, "please list all the titles of the writing have you sold."

2. That every single one of the people I had crushes on throughout my four high school years will be happily married.

1. That I will drunk confess my former love for each and every one of them.

Stay-tuned for my post-game coverage. And in the meantime, please share your own reunion worst fears in comments.

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  1. I had my 10 year reunion a month ago and let me share my experience.
    First, there are almost name tags at these things, so the name thing is not an issue. Next, it was a surprise to me, but everyone was really friendly and social with everyone. My school had TONS of cliques, but apparently over the interceding 10 years, people actually did grow up and mature and it was wonderful to speak to people who I wasn't really friends with in high school. Finally, unfortunately, some of the jackasses are still jackasses. My abusive ex-boyfriend was at the reunion and I managed to make it through 4 hours without even noticing that he was there until the last 5 min. when he decided to shove me out of his way. But, despite him, it was a wonderful experience and I actually made a few business contacts at the reunion and met up with a girl that I re-connected with at the reunion for drinks last week!