Thursday, November 26, 2009

20-Nothings thanks-giving

If 2009 taught me anything it's how very not easy it is to be a this-aged person trying to live in Manhattan, successfully. National economic depression, a 9-5 that's more like 8-8, some relationships that can't really be described as such and the arrival of leather leggings (who can wear those?!?!). It can be difficult to find the silver-lining, glass-half-full moments in these years of, "what am I doing." Also, I still don't have a closet in my bedroom.

But this holiday of thanks and day off work it brings have given me time (literally) to think about the things that made my life in 2009 a lucky place to be. The short list:

  • Anna still charges under a dollar a pound to wash, fluff, and fold my clothes and never lets me out of her site without a compliment - "Jessica, this straight hair do you do now some days is hot, looks nice." No matter how awkward it is...
  • Abby moved from the East to West Village reducing the commute from my apartment to hers from 6 blocks to 3.
  • My sister Dani gave me the iTouch that came free with her new MAC so I can now participate in the "there's an app for that" revolution and appear as though I have an iPhone.
  • Rachel Maddow got her own show because she was popular enough to warrant her own show.
  • Overdraft protection...
  • The fact that you can wear 2-week Acuvue Oasis contact lenses for 3-weeks without much suffering or risk of eye infection. Sorry Jeff.
  • Bacon salt - now in four flavors! And Ottomanelli's on Bleecker for opening at 8:30 am and selling it.
  • Lucinda at Leverage Management. There's a longer story there, but we're still writing it.
  • Effable Arts. Because at this time last year I didn't know how to spell playwright, let alone be one. (Donate, today!)
  • V Bar on Sullivan between West 3rd and Bleecker. My location muse and home of the only 50 cent coffee refill this side of the Mississippi.
  • That Facebook feature that lets you hide all of someone's updates so you don't see them on your wall.
  • - with which I will self-publish a book before 2009 is up - promise
  • That day that President Obama drove down my street in his motorcade and waved out his window to my stoop.
  • My Mom - for always calling the moment someone posts a nasty comment on this blog. "Can you believe that little shit! I have a right mind to comment right back! How dare they!"
  • My Dad - for editing said book I keep promising to get published slash everything I've ever written
  • Geanna. There's too much to write.
  • Alt. Tab. If you know what that means, you hear me loud and clear, Chris.
  • Google reader, Automatic bill-pay, transit check, and all other technologies that prevent me from having to think.
  • The Dirty Jane martini at Jane restaurant on Houston. See above reason.
  • Having enough sisters that there is always someone to give and receive the kind of TLC that only sisters get.
  • Writer and friend Blair Singer - because every time I go to say, "I'm not really a writer yet" I remember that he told me I am. (Catch his latest play Meg's Best Friend through December 20th!)
  • The fact that all gchat conversations are automatically saved.
  • Credit card machines in cabs.
  • Credit card machines in cabs. (that's not a typo - I'm just that thankful for it)
  • And once again - and really always - Pierson, for making me start this blog that - in more ways that he or I could have imagined - keeps my life glasses half full and silver-linings much easier to find.
*I'm sorry - that photo was just too funny.


  1. i learned this the hard way...
    but it is called the iPOD touch.

    (you don't want to learn this the hard way)

    gobble, gobble :-)

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  3. At my "Friends-giving" this year, instead of going around saying what we were thankful for, we went around and say what our favorite thing about the person to our left and right was. It was really fun and an interesting way to spice things up from the usual routine on Thanksgiving.
    Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!