Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When you care enough to deal with it in your passive-aggressive best

There are an astounding number of things that are just too awkward for words. Not figuratively like, "wow that is so awkward I can't find language to describe it." Literally -- as in, "I'm either going to have to ignore this situation or deal with it via text."

Luckily the Web 2.0 boom has produced a useful resource for all our passive-aggressive needs. offers everything from confessions that you cheated and birthday greetings to requests for more innovative sexual positions and sympathy notes - all in the kind of quippy wit that will make it simple for you to say," hahaha...j/k, obvi!" It's the modern way to handle that convo you'd rather drink a bottle of hot Jager through a twizzler than have in person.

Here are some favorites based on the most pressing awkward moments of our time:

Message: Hahaha, you're amazing. Help me get a job.

Message: Respond to my fucking emails, please

Message: FYI, not happening tonight.

Message: The drunk texts are getting a little out of hand, and yes, I know you have a huge thing for me.

Message: So stop inviting me there.

Send with caution -- and a back-up plan.


  1. This post is a Jessie classic

  2. Someecards is my absolute favorite! One of my friends sent a card to her ex on his birthday that said "I think it's time we stop acknowledging one another's birthdays." He wasn't amused.

  3. If an ex sent me a card like that, I'd probably fall in love all over again.

    I'll forever believe, if it's not awkward, then it's not worth saying/doing/lieing about having said or done.

  4. love those! in fact, you have inspired me to send one right now!